Tcharnia (Charney)

The boss, (well she thinks she is). This little black cat runs the place and ensures that we are all doing exactly what she wants us to do


Chief Inspector of Everything. If it is new then Lux needs to check it out to see if it is OK to sleep on. Lux is a great fan of new cars!


Passionate breeder of miniature horses. Always eager to create a great experience for our visitors.


Charney's main worker. Can be frequently found driving his steam locomotive at Keirunga Park Miniature Railway in Havelock North.

The Minis

Found in most of our paddocks, these miniature horses are very friendly and will usually stop eating and have a chat with you.

The Rest

The farm eggs are supplied by our Chinese silky hens, the rooster is our alarm clock, and our sheep are always looking for a handout.

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